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  • Company: Marina International Network for Super Yachts
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Marina International Network for Super Yachts is headquartered in Rome, and was founded at the end of 2011.

MINSY at the moment is composed by five Companies, which are marinas located in the Mediterranean.

We are always available to consider other Companies connected with the super yachts market/business becoming Members.In fact MINSY membership is open to any Company of Excellence representative of a trade, a sector, a Region, etc. interested in creating a global network guaranteeing Quality of Excellence for Super Yachts.

Our main objective is to develop a unique network, where "Excellence" is the password for growing our business. The most important aims of MINSY are for example:

- developing a network of excellence
- upholding the highest quality
- developing common business strategies
- exchanging information
- promoting sustainable development for marinas
- implementing economies of scale
- establishing a common international identity


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